1 year ago
Outside my grandparents house is this little haven. The water was absolutely freezing, but still tranquil 🌿 #vegan #nature #beauty #travel #love



  • collin.abrown1 year ago

    Very cool!!

  • gcswanne1 year ago

    Where are you love?

  • candybaaby1 year ago

    @gcswanne I was in Whangerei and Bay of Islands over Christmas seeing family and it was so beautiful 😍 Right now I'm living back in Central QLD, very very different to this 😂

  • gcswanne1 year ago

    I reckon! I love that area. Have dived the Poor Nights a few times. Thanks for letting me know. I was intrigued! C

  • candybaaby1 year ago

    @gcswanne oh I'm jealous! I wanted to go to Poor Knights so badly but we didn't have enough time. It's on my list for next time!